This conference launch was timed to coincide with the International Day of Disaster Reduction on 13th October, 2017. On November 1, the full conference website will be available. 

Every year people and communities across Australia experience emergencies and natural disasters, but not all members of communities are equally affected.

Many people from diverse, marginalised or underrepresented communities experience disasters differently, facing unique challenges that influence their ability to respond and recover.

How do we empower communities of all backgrounds to be more resilient to an emergency or natural disaster? How can we support them to bounce back and thrive?

Designed to enhance resilience and raise awareness of the needs and strengths of all in the community, the  Diversity in Disaster conference will engage emergency management practitioners, policy-makers and community services leaders with the latest research on disaster resilience.

This unique National Conference is consistent with the Sendai Framework and supports the Focus of the 2017 UNISDR International Day of Disaster Reduction: “Reducing the number of people affected by disasters”.

This conference is an initiative of the Gender and Disaster Pod (Women’s Health Goulburn North East, Women’s Health In the North and Monash University Disaster Resilience Initiative), Victorian Council of Social Services and Resilient Melbourne. It is funded under a grant from the Australian Government.