March 2016 Communiqué

In March, the GAD Pod was pleased to announce that Victorian Emergency Management Conference this year will include the second Claire Zara Memorial Oration, the final release of Women in Fire and Emergency Leadership Roles report, and our presentation at the Monash Disaster Resilience Initiative Forum. Read it here.

February 2016 Communiqué

The ‘Being LGBTI during Disaster’ training was featured in the February edition of the The Monthly and Liam Leonard, Director of Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria, sits down with the Gad Pod to discuss the issues for LGBTI people in disasters. Read it here.

Information – Lessons in Disaster: Educating for Resilience through Men’s and Women’s Experience of Disaster

Breaking news: Guest speaker at Gender Equity and Disaster session: Dr Christine Eriksen, University of Wollongong. Author of ‘Gender and Wildfire: Landscapes of Uncertainty’. Guest speaker at Living LGBTI and Disaster session: Assoc. Prof. Dale Dominey-Howes, University of Sydney. Dale leads a large national research project funded by the Australian Research Council on the experiences and needs of LGBTI people … Read More