Have you experienced  a flood or bushfire disaster?

If you are aged over 18 and were affected by severe bushfires or floods many years ago as a community member, or as a volunteer, we would like to talk to you.

Little is known about resilience and what helps or hinders this over the long-term.

Your experience of bushfires such as Ash Wednesday, Black Saturday, or Victorian floods, such as in 1970, 1993 or 2011 will assist in disaster planning and improve services for  men, women, children, volunteers and communities in the future.

Read the Explanatory Statement for detailed information.

We will offer some reimbursement for your costs. For more info on this research conducted by Monash University, WHGNE and WHIN, or to arrange a confidential interview at a time and place to suit you, please email Judy Jeffrey (judyjeffrey@activ8.net.au or d.parkinson@whealth.com.au) or call 0488 589 740  before 4 October 2017.