In 2017, the GAD Pod, in partnership with GLHV@ARCSHS, La Trobe University, completed a research project on identifying the experiences and needs of LGBTI communities before, during and after emergencies in Victoria. It aims to learn about the experiences and needs of LGBTI communities in emergencies in Victoria.

This research project involved two components. The first consisted of two state-wide online questionnaires, one for LGBTI people, the other for the EM sector. The second was a workshop for senior EM leaders.

According to the small but growing body of research in this area, some LGBTI people are reluctant to access emergency services because of historic and ongoing discrimination and abuse experienced by them and their communities. This research confirms this and raises the matter of how to ensure that all publicly funded EM services are able to meet the particular needs of different communities of identity, including LGBTI communities.

The findings will inform the development of Emergency Management (EM) policies and procedures that reflect LGBTI-inclusive practice. It was funded by the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet and guided by an Advisory Group.

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The GAD Pod has completed research into the experience of lesbian and bisexual women in emergency management. Using qualitative methods, it gives voices to the participants and echoes the findings of other similar research with LGBTI people during disasters.

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See below videos by Liam Leonard, Director of GLHV@ARCSHS, La Trobe University, and Dale Dominey-Howes, Professor of Hazard and Disaster Risk Sciences, Sydney University.