October 2016 Communiqué

October’s Communiqué is a stimulating read, beginning with Professor Bob Pease’s new study of Masculinism, global warming and ‘man-made’ disasters. His new book, co-edited by Dr Elaine Enarson, includes a chapter from the GAD Pod! Check it out, along with our action on climate change and the latest from the Climate and Health Alliance.

September 2016 Communiqué

This month is a bumper issue! The GAD Pod launched the new National Gender and Emergency Guidelines – now also hosted by the UN Prevention Website. And we’re starting new research, funded by Dept. of Premier and Cabinet, on the experiences of LGBTI people in disasters. Keep an eye on our site to participate in the coming weeks. Read these … Read More

August 2016 Communiqué

In August, the GAD Pod presented twice at the AFAC16 Conference in Brisbane. You can read the full presentations on their website and the matter was covered by the Business Insider. Read it here.

July 2016 Communiqué

In July, the GAD Pod focussed on men’s experience during disasters. It published an article in the Australian Journal of Emergency Management and shared its training, ‘Men after Natural Disaster’. Read it here.

June 2016 Communiqué

In June, the Gender & Disaster Pod invited readers to two conferences in July, Disaster Resilience Forum and the Emergency Management Conference, where the GAD Pod will be presenting. Read it here.

May 2016 Communiqué

In May, the Gender & Disaster Pod presented the report on women leadership in emergency services at MUDRI’s Resilience Forum and partnered with 1800 RESPECT to produce gender and disaster good practice guidelines. The GAD Pod’s partner MUDRI and EMV’s community-based resilience compendium was included in Melbourne’s Resilience Strategy. Read it here.

April 2016 Communiqué

In April, the GAD Pod went to Darwin to consult with the Recovery Sub Committee (RSC) and the Social Recovery Reference Group (SRRG) regarding the creation of national gender and emergency guidelines and is pleased to be contributing to the UN Sendai Framework Words Into Action document. Read it here.

March 2016 Communiqué

In March, the GAD Pod was pleased to announce that Victorian Emergency Management Conference this year will include the second Claire Zara Memorial Oration, the final release of Women in Fire and Emergency Leadership Roles report, and our presentation at the Monash Disaster Resilience Initiative Forum. Read it here.

February 2016 Communiqué

The ‘Being LGBTI during Disaster’ training was featured in the February edition of the The Monthly and Liam Leonard, Director of Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria, sits down with the Gad Pod to discuss the issues for LGBTI people in disasters. Read it here.

January 2016 Communiqué

The GAD Pod was presented at the NEEDS Conference in Copenhagen. It also shared the presentation by Dr. Christine Eriksen at its Annual General Meeting and its interview with men’s family violence worker, Adam, on his experiences. Read it here.

November 2015 Communique

In November, the GAD Pod was featured in the Australian Journal of Emergency Management, alongside an a tribute article to gender and disaster researcher Claire Zara who passed away earlier this year. Also, WHIN were the subject experts to 1800RESPECT’s development of a community service announcement  on the gendered risks of disaster. Read more here.

October 2015 Communique

In October, the GAD Pod held our Annual General Meeting featuring Dr Christine Eriksen, ran our training on living with LGBTI and disaster, and shared a seminar run by WHIN on leadership in the gender equity and violence sector.

September 2015 Communique

In September, the GAD Pod launched our video ‘Changing Culture’ on emergency service organisations and asked for comment on new draft National Gender Emergency Management Guidelines.

Information – Lessons in Disaster: Educating for Resilience through Men’s and Women’s Experience of Disaster

Breaking news: Guest speaker at Gender Equity and Disaster session: Dr Christine Eriksen, University of Wollongong. Author of ‘Gender and Wildfire: Landscapes of Uncertainty’. Guest speaker at Living LGBTI and Disaster session: Assoc. Prof. Dale Dominey-Howes, University of Sydney. Dale leads a large national research project funded by the Australian Research Council on the experiences and needs of LGBTI people … Read More

The inaugural Claire Zara memorial oration

On 7th July 2015, Victoria’s Emergency Management conference hosted the Inaugural Claire Zara Memorial Oration.   This 70 minute session commemorated the ground-breaking contributions of our dear friend and WHGNE colleague, Claire. The Oration was given by Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick,  Sir Angus Houston, and Dominic Lane, all of whom noted the significance of Claire’s work in this field. As … Read More