Pre-Workshop Reading

The GAD Pod Roadmaps Web Resource Kit is for use before, during and after emergencies. This resource, funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services Emergency Management, offers a series of questions and answers that discuss a number of issues related to gendered responses to disaster. Roadmaps is available at: 

We suggest you take some time to familiarise yourself with the following presentations and research before attending the Train-the-Trainer Workshop. Each of these has direct relevance to the delivery of the Gendered violence and lessons in disaster Training Package:

Pre-Workshop Viewing

A range of videos are available to support the delivery of training on gender inequality, family violence and discrimination. We offer a number to provide you with some food for thought in your preparation for attending the Gendered violence and disaster Train-the-Trainer workshop.

After watching each video, reflect on how the information might be incorporated into your training delivery.

Please take some time to watch or listen to more GAD Pod videos, podcasts and webinars about gender equity and disaster available at

Pre-Workshop Listening

The increased intensity of disasters and their impact on individuals and communities are frequent in today’s world. Little is known about violence after disasters in the Australian context, despite considerable academic research on this phenomenon in developing countries. Debra Parkinson and colleagues seek to fill that gap. In this podcast, Deb talks about family violence following disasters such as the Black Saturday bushfires that devastated parts of Australia and recognising family violence may be a blind spot for the helping professions in developed countries.

The following podcast discusses Australian research on domestic violence after natural disasters and influencing emergency management policy and practices.